He.Him.His + Me.My.Mine = Us.We.Ours

“…i’ll watch the night turn light-blue | but it’s not the same without you | because it takes two to whisper quietly | the silence isn’t so bad | ’til I look at my hands and feel sad | ’cause the spaces between my fingers | are right where yours fit perfectly…”

45 thoughts on “He.Him.His + Me.My.Mine = Us.We.Ours

    • Hehe.
      Salamat sa pagbisita.

      Actually, series of pics yan.
      Pero yan ang peyborit ko, kaya yan ang pinost ko dito.

      Sigh… Miss ko na ang Poei ko.
      Di bale, bukas, magkikita ulit kami!


  1. How sweet naman!

    Sana makakameet din ako ahahahaha

    Hanggang tanaw lang ako hays…

    Anyway, do your best to keep it up… Ingatan mo yan ^_^

  2. I have been busy with my thesis these past few weeks that I failed to visit your blog every now and then. Btw, watch out for my new entry tomorrow. For sure, it will be a β€œlove-me-or-hate-me” post. Want a clue? Ok… Noynoy

  3. ang cute naman… kakainggit… makahanap nga ng tambay jan sa labas at mapiktyuran din mga kamay namin… ok na siguro bracelets in lieu of the watches. hehehe…

    nice blg, sali kita sa blogroll ko. πŸ™‚

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