Fact Me… Fact Me Hard!

~ i ain’t gonna diss people because of their looks, race or size… ’cause my momma taught me better than that!
~ i fucking HATE liars. they should all burn in hell!
~ i am no saint!
~ i love to dream but only believes in reality
~ shiftless yet determined and ambitious boy
~ i am usually a conformist but may be radical at times
~ Math and numbers are my enemies
~ i ABHOR sms lingo
~ i despise BIG FLIRTS
~ pinoy ako but I don’t eat dogs
~ chronic memory loss
~ dyslexic
~ OC at times
~ i and me usage confusion.
~ i have 1 sibling who made a big contribution in my retarded life and thinking
~ i have severe allergies and you might think being 500m away from me is a great idea
~ can survive for days with coffee and yosi because of unhealthy bank account
~ a big cry baby. i’m still trying to learn how to hold back tears. damn!
~ the saddest image i’ve ever seen are goodbyes. what’s so “good” about “bye” anyway?
~ i hate sending people off at the airport and I hate to see people sending me off too and we’re all fighting back tears at the same time. that sucks. that’s sad even after you’ve grown up.
~ never gives up on my faith for HIM though i’ve been missing church day lately… a lot
~ no regrets at all. i’ve been from hell and back. regretting is a clear example of being unstable
~ salary day makes me wide awake early and very perky
~ adores the word Chance – why I wake up early, why I work, why i live for
~ still gets teary-eyed with Untamed Heart for the nth time. damn you christian slater… damn you! haha.
~ executive by day, a hopeless romatic by night, pron star by midnight ’till dawn
~ terribly wants to go back home. to hell with the amount of money here which can’t replace the amount of happiness back home

5 thoughts on “Fact Me… Fact Me Hard!

  1. I’m not sure how old are you, pal. But I’m pretty sure that you have seen much in life. In my moment of absolute boredom, I chanced upon your beautiful blog: witty in the (s)exposition of ideas, warm in the conveyance of emotions, and brutal in the description of otherwise common experiences of PLU’s… Entertaining in every respect.

    My only wish is that…sana, sipagin kang mag(jakol)-blog at punan ang bawat araw ng mga nakatutuwang paglalad-lad, este, paglalahad ng mga karanasang, bagama’t maituturing na danas ng karamihan, ay sadyang nakaka-ilang na i-burat, este, ibulatlat sa pang-araw-araw na pakikipagtalik, este, pakikipagtalamitam. (Freudian slips…really. You’re contagious! Hate you.)

    I will not say anything much about myself. It’s your world here after all and everything else has no significance. Kudos.

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